Ummm, hello lashes! 😍


I’ve never had amazing lashes naturally. They’ve always been short, stick straight and super thin. So I did what ever girl does... eyelash extensions. After a year of having them, I decided it was time for a break.

My before picture is 4 months after I took my eyelashes off 🙈so so sad to see such little nubs!

Because I was still struggling with not having beautiful lashes, I decided to give a lash serum a shot... my after is 8 weeks of using the serum! 😱I didn’t use it nightly, because... well, I’m human and forget or am lazy lol

I am amazed by how long my lashes are and they feel so strong and healthy! Oh, and they curl on their own now - what?!?!

Have you used a lash serum? What was your experience?

Eleshia TerryComment