Being a Makeup artist

I never imagined that one day I would be my own boss. Set my own hours, run with my own ideas, and build a business. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your own team explode with growth!
My team has been blowing our goals out of the water, and has personally pushed me to do better, to lead better, to inspire more, and to never give up! I am also excited for what is in store for the future!

Work from home

It is incredible to be able to spend time with my family while I work. We all have a million things to do in a day; building a business while maintaining a home has never been easier. Plus, it's great to work in your pajamas on the days that you just want to be comfy!


One of the many perks is we have the most elite training from the top leaders in the country! In my first 6 months, my team sold over $130k in product and grew into an army of over 60 women. Today, we have sold over $330k in product since I started a little over a year ago, have over 100 women,  and we still grow each day!


Starting a business is not everyone's dreams; however, every woman does dream of having a personal makeup artist. Often wondering what colors are best with your hair/skin/eye color, or how to enhance your beauty with your eye/face shape? Receive access to exclusive content, personalized tutorials and a makeup pallet customized for you and your lifestyle. 

$195 value, includes $150 in products

SeneGence Choice

With only 200,000 distributors in the US, this company has only started to gain speed. If you love the waterproof, smudge-free makeup, then this is the opportunity for you; whether it be for the discount, or to share with your friends and family. It is an annual $55.00 membership and you will have access to the products at a 20-50% discount. 

Maskcara Artist

Love the cute packaging and simplicity of getting ready each morning? Why not get these products at a discount (20-40%), or start your at home business - less than 6,000 artists nationwide. No stock requirements, no shipping, no monthly minimums. There are two artist kits available with retail products in each at an amazing discount.


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